Rules and Regulations

A)    Library Timings
Monday to Saturday                         8.00 a.m. To 6.00 p.m.

B)General Rules for Staff

1.    Books should be deposited back on the due date, which will not exceed fifteen days. Books, which have more than one    copy, can be re-issued after 15 days. Books without any copy cannot be re-issued before a gap of one week.

2.    Students are not allowed to issue books other than their own subject. In case such a requirement arises, a N.O. C. from the Head of Department will have to be sought. Such books shall be issued for 15 days only.

3.    Books marked “Reference” shall be issued to the staff-members with the permission of the Principal, subject to a ceiling of three days. Books, which are issued for practical in the lab; shall be issued in the name of HOD and he/ she shall be responsible for the same.

4.    If staff-members find a book with missing pages, he/ she should intimate the Librarian immediately.

C)General Rules for Students

1.    Students are required to maintain peace and decorum of the library.

2.    Entry to the library is restricted to the bona fide members on production of a valid Identity Card.

3.    Students are required to deposit their bags, water-bottles and personal books at the deposit counter of the library and should only carry their notebooks inside the library.

4.    Only books from the general collection are issued to the library members.

5.    Documents such as reference books, bound volumes of journals loose issues of current journals, are issued only to the teaching faculty, PG and Research students with the permission of the Principal.

6.    CDs/Videocassettes are not lent out of the library.

7.    The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures, etc. when borrowing books.

8.    No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the reader.

9.    Loss of books must be reported immediately.

10.    Books should be deposited on the due date failing which a fine of Rs.2/- per day shall be charged. After one week, the fine shall increase to Rs.5/- per day.

11.    If the pages of a book are found missing, then double the cost of the book shall be recovered from the last borrower of the book.

12.    If the pages of the books are found missing, and it is not possible to trace the culprit, then double the cost of the book shall be recovered from all the students of the concerned Department.

13.    Students shall not be issued books if the library fine exceeds Rs.30/-.

14.    Students are requested not to keep the books back themselves in the shelves after use.

15.    Students can directly recommend a book in “Suggest a Book” register.

16.    Circulation will be closed at 4.30 p.m. and students should leave their seats 10 minutes prior to the closing time.

17.    Any infringement of the library rules shall render a member’s privilege of admission to, and of borrowing books from, the library liable to cancellation.

D)Membership and Circulation

The library serves over 4000 members including students, faculty-members, research scholars and part- time staff-members.


No. of Books permitted


Regular staff- Non Practical Subject



Regular staff- Practical Subject



Visiting Staff /Part Time



Non teaching Staff






Students of PG



Students of M.Phil



Research Students