IISU Theses in Shodhganga

IISU Scholars Theses in Shodhganga

S.No Title of the Thesis  Name of the Researcher Name of the Supervisor URL
1 Evaluating Effectiveness of Induction training programme of Rajasthan administrative service: An Empirical study in the context of the Role of HCMRIPA  Agrawat, Preeti  Bhatnagar, P.S View Report
2 Personality risk taking ability and emotional intelligence of management students  Ahuja, Amit Sharma, M.K  View Report
3 A case study of effectiveness of events organized by selected niche magazines  Archana  Kalia, Arvind View Report
4 Compensation management in banking industry an empirical study with special reference to employee performance  Bajwa, Jasleen Kaur  Madan, Poonam View Report
5 Analysis of operational efficiency of aviation industry in India  Batra, Bharti  Chaturvedi, Ankita  View Report
6 Emerging Patterns of Political Socialization among Educated Youth in Jaipur City  Bhargava, Garima  Sharma, Arti View Report
7 Consumer Behaviour of Rural Women of Rajasthan with Regards to Personal Hygiene Related FMCG Products  Bhatia, Vanshika  Shrivastava, Garima View Report
8 Performance Appraisal System of Public and Private Sector Banks : A Comparative Study  Bhullar, Sukhmeet  Tailor, R.K.  View Report
9 Phytochemical Studies of Verbesina encelioides (Cavanilles) Bentham & Hooker f. ex A. Gray and Ageratum conyzoides L. and their Bactericidal Activity  Chauhan, Anita Rijhwani, Shilpi View Report
10 Enhancement in Features of open source simulator: A Unified Analysis for Routing Protocols of Mobile Ad Hoc Network  Deepshikha  Sharma, D.P; Sharma, Navneet View Report
11 Psychological correlates of well being a study of adolescents  Dhankar, Riti Das Hingar, Asha  View Report
12 Impact of training on capacity building and employees effectiveness a study of hotel industry in Rajasthan  Dixit, Nidhi  Madan, Poonam  View Report
13 Strategy programmes and performance of polio eradication campaigns in India a sociological analysis  Eshwar, Raagini Yadav, Nisha  View Report
14 Impact of mergers and acquisitions M and A on human resource with special reference to banking sector  Gaur, Tanvi  Sharma, Meenakshi; Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
15 Antitumor effect of Trigonella foenum graecum L seed extract on two stage skin papillomagenesis in Swiss albino mice  Goyal, Shivangi  Chatterjee, Sreemoyee; Bhatnagar, Pradeep  View Report
16 Effectiveness of service training programs in government of Rajasthan with special reference to the programs organized by HCM RIPA  Gupta, Shruti  Sharma, Meenakshi View Report
17 Chitatmak tatvo ke adhar par Akbar aur Jahangirkaleen laghu chitron me pashu pakshi chitran ka vishleshanatmak adhyayan  Jain, Shruti  Pratap, Reeta View Report
18 Physico chemical and bacterial profiling of soils in restored and unrestored areas of Chaksu Rajasthan  Jain, Sonal  Juneja, Shelja K View Report
19 Predictors of relationship satisfaction an examination of actor and partner effects  Kaushik, Neha Arya, Bhawana View Report
20 A study on consumers and employees for understanding value co creation with special reference to selected cities in Indian market  Lazarus, Davis Dixit, Kavaldeep View Report
21 Impact of information technology on banking services comparative analysis of public and private sector banks  Malik, Vandana Kastiya, Shweta; Madan, Poonam  View Report
22 Determinants of Employee Engagement a study of organized retail sector  Megha, Swati  Jain, Ankita View Report
23 Basel III implementation a comparative study of Indian public sector banks  Mehta, Palak Bhatia, Mani View Report
24 Bioremediation of arsenic contaminated soil using arsenite oxidizing bacteria  Mobar, Sanjoli Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Krishna Mohan, M; Kaushik,Pallavi View Report
25 Regional disparities in agricultural development a district level analysis for the state of Rajasthan  Newar, Sapna  Sharma, Nidhi View Report
26 Sustainability of metal embroidery industry of Rajasthan  Ojha, Sulekha Kashyap, Radha View Report
27 Emotional intelligence as a predictor of job satisfaction a study of employees of banking industry with special reference to HDFC Bank  Pandey, Neha  Sharma, M.K. View Report
28 Development of improved k-means technique to identify the dominant reasons for out of school children in Rajasthan  Pareek, Astha Gupta, Manish; Sharma, Amita View Report
29 Impact of monetary and non monetary incentives on employee Performance with special reference to selected banks in Rajasthan  Pareek, Shikha  Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
30 Marketing strategies of telecom industry : A comparative analysis of Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular with special reference to eastern Rajasthan  Porwal, Neha Dixit, Kavaldeep View Report
31 A comparative study of attributes influencing the purchasing behavior of apparel buyers  Sajid, Rubina  Sharma, M.K. View Report
32 An empirical study of factors affecting attitude and online buying behaviour of customers in Rajasthan  Saxena, Shilpi Kothari, Roopam View Report
33 Impact of competency mapping on talent acquisition a study of organized retail sector in Rajasthan  Saxena, Shivi  Madan, Poonam View Report
34 Prevalence of antibiotic resistance in enteric pathogens in drinking water supplies  Saxena, Tanushree Mohan, M.Krishna; Chatterjee, Sreemoyee View Report
35 Kubernathrai ke lalit nibandh swaroop evam vishleshan  Sethi, Poonam  Bhardwaj, Hetu View Report
36 Impact of interactive radio instruction programme English is Fun on the quality of primary school learners of Jaipur city  Sharma, Aparna Khurana, Sunil View Report
37 Impact of human resource information system in private banking sector  Sharma, Avni Sharma, Neha View Report
38 Corporate social responsibility in beverage industry a comparative study of Coca Cola India and PepsiCo India  Sharma, Khushboo  Sharma, Neha View Report
39 Resistance in the selected novels of Nayantara Sahgal  Sharma, Laghvee  Singh, S.C; Rathore, Rani View Report
40 Panchayati raj institutions and implementation of rural development programmes a comparative study with special reference to Amer and Jhotwara panchayat samitis  Sharma, Laxmikant  Bhatnagar, P.S View Report
41 Efficacy of a combination of mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of depression  Sharma, Monica  Hingar, Asha View Report
42 Customer expectations and perceptions of service quality a comparative study of public and private sector banks  Sharma, Preeti  Kastiya, Shweta; Madan, Poonam View Report
43 Optimism resilience self efficacy and attachment in relation to academic stress in adolescents  Sharma, Rimpy Mathur, Roopa View Report
44 Operational efficiency in petroleum industry a comparative study of selected public sector oil and gas companies in India  Sharma, Vandita  Tailor, R.K. View Report
45 Role of oxidative stress in copper poisoning and its possible reversal by a potent thiol chelator  Shukla, Shruti  Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Flora,S.J.S View Report
46 A study on online information search behaviour of travellers in Rajasthan with special reference to Jaipur  Singh, Deepika  Sharma, M.K View Report
47 Socio economic and cultural impact of rural tourism in shekhawati region of Rajasthan  Singh, Parul  Jain, Ruchi View Report
48 Consumers perception towards online shopping for apparel through various websites  Singh, Preeti Kashyap, Radha View Report
49 Ramgopal Vijayvargiya ki jalrang paddhyati se nirmit kavyatmak chitron me nari chitran ka adhyayan  Singhal, Kirti Goyal, Amita Raj View Report
50 Hetero diels alder reaction of carbonyl functionality theoretical and experimental investigation  Sogani, Nidhi  Bansal, R.K; Sinha, Pragya View Report
51 Remediation technique for Cu II and Cr VI ions from the textile effluent using some low cost biosorbents  Sudesh  Goyal, Varsha; Singh, Seema View Report
52 Impact of xenobiotics formulations containing quinalphos organophosphate and carbosulfan carbamate on the developmental pattern of chick embryo  Taparia, Nandini  Mathur, Priyanka; Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Shahani, Lata View Report
53 A comparative phytochemical study of selected Jasminum L spp and their bioefficacy  Tomar, Kamakshi Rijhwani,Shilpi; Agarwal, Kalpana View Report
54 Identification of potential sites for urban recreation and assessment of its recreational benefits a case study of Ranchi city  Topno, Sheetal  Ashok, Smriti; Mathur, Mini View Report
55 Organizational culture and job satisfaction in higher education a comparative study of state and private universities  Varghese, Gincy  Nair, Manju View Report
56 The portrayal of the common man in the works of R K Narayan and R K Laxman a comparative study  Verma, Anju  Gupta, Santosh View Report
57 In vitro morphogenetic studies and phytochemical analysis of Salvia hispanica L  Yadav, Anita  Joshi, Anuja; Purohit, Smita View Report
58 Nepal me sanghwad ke prayas chunautiyan evam sambhawanayen  Yadav, Banwari Lal  Sharma, Bhawna; Bhardwaj, Vinod Kumar View Report
59 A study of psychological correlates in relation to managerial effectiveness in corporate sector  Yadav, Lucky  Sen, Chandrani View Report
60 Design development and acceptance of Khadi as infant wear Aggarwal, Poonam Marriya, Kavita View Report
61 In vitro morphogenic studies in Dianthus caryophyllus L Agrawal, Meghana  Purohit, Smita View Report
62 Management practices of workplace diversity a study of selected IT companies in India Agrawal, Peeyu Tailor, R.K View Report
63 Synthesis and reactions of tin IV complexes of imidazo 1 2 a pyridines and related n heterocycles Agrawal, Rati Goyal, Varsha; Gupta, Raakhi View Report
64 Co exposure to lead arsenic and mercury on oxidative stress variables and their response to chelation in rats Agrawal, Shruti Flora,S.J.S; Bhatnagar, Pradeep View Report
65 A critical study of HR practices in selected NGOs with special reference to NGOs in Rajasthan Ankodia, Harsha Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
66 Comparative analysis of consumer buying behaviour of generation X and generation Y towards mobile phones in Rajasthan Arora, Shefali Bhatia, Mani View Report
67 Social Networking Sites and Cyber Crime : A study of Adolescents of Jaipur City Asudani, Pratibha Yadav, Nisha View Report
68 Determinants of motivation and its effect on job satisfaction a study of Government medical practitioners of rural Rajasthan Bakhshi, Priyanka Nair, Manju View Report
69 Organizational politics leadership style and IT employee performance an associational study Bakht, Fehmeena  Sen, Chandrani View Report
70 Human resource accounting practices in selected public limited companies in India Bhardwaj, Nishi Gupta, Shweta View Report
71 Investigations on dielectric properties of food grains, pulses and oilseeds at microwave frequencies Bhargava, Nidhi Sharma, K S; Joshi, Ila View Report
72 Teratological evaluation of formulated Dicofol and Deltamethrin in chick embryo Bhaskar, Nitu Shahani, Lata View Report
73 Dynamics of human relationships in selected poems of Robert Frost Chandra, Anju  Sharma, J.N View Report
74 A study of performance management system in cement industry in Rajasthan with special reference to Ultratech Wonder Cement Shree Cement And JK Cement Chauhan, Swati  Sharma, Manisha View Report
75 Quality assessment in higher education system using neural network Chhachhiya, Devika Gupta, Manish; Sharma, Amita View Report
76 Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in hospitals a comparative study of selected government and private sector hospitals Choudhary, Varsha Jain, Ankita View Report
77 Quality of work life in engineering industries in Rajasthan with reference to heavy machine and equipment manufacturing units Chouhan, Dhiraj Shandilya, Sumedha View Report
78 Development of A framework for selection of appropriate software as a service provider in cloud computing environment Dadhich, Mamta Rathore, Vijay Singh View Report
79 Posttraumatic distress sense of coherence wisdom cognitive emotion regulation as correlates of posttraumatic growth Davidson, Christina Arya, Bhawana View Report
80 Adopting an agile approach for the development of mobile applications Flora, Harleen K Chande, Swati V View Report
81 Impact of brand personality on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty an empirical study on selected luxurybBrands Gaur, Iti Kastiya, Shweta View Report
82 Antioxidant and antimutagenic potential of Ajwain Trachyspermum ammi and Fennel Foeniculum vulgare fruits against induced mutagenesis Goswami, Nandini Chatterjee, Sreemoyee View Report
83 Employee welfare practices a comparative study of public and private Sector Banks with special reference to Bank of Baroda and ICICI Bank Goyal, Ankita Jain, Ankita View Report
84 Financial efficiency and productivity an analysis of selected paper mills Gupta, Mitali Gupta, Shweta View Report
85 Michael addition of some amines experimental and theoretical investigation Gurjar, Asha Sinha, Pragya; Bansal, R.K View Report
86 Psychological capital and transformational leadership in relation to work life balance a study on police personnel Hooja, Himangini Rathore Sen, Chandrani View Report
87 A study on employee training program in cement industry in Rajasthan Indora. Priyanka Chauhan  Sharma, Manisha View Report
88 A Study of Factor Influencing Retail Purchase Behaviour : A Comparative Analysis of Buyers of Organized and Unorganized Retailing in Rajasthan Jain, Aditi Jain, Ruchi View Report
89 Enhancing information access and retrieval techniques for a typical information architecture Jain, Anubha  Chande, Swati V View Report
90 An analytical study of selected contemporary printmakers in Jaipur Jain, Garima Goyal, Amita Raj View Report
91 Consumer buying behaviour with regard to branded and traditional jewellery with special reference to Jaipur jewellery market Jain, Neeru Sharma, M.K. View Report
92 Comparative phytochemical studies of two varieties of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L and their bioefficacy Jain, Priya Kumari Rijhwani, Shilpi View Report
93 Marital virtues and their relationship to individual functioning communication and relationship adjustment Jain, Sakshi Mathur, Roopa View Report
94 Application of total quality management A comparative study of Libraries of State Universities and Other Universities in Jaipur Jain, Sonal Kashyap, Vinay Singh View Report
95 Effect of processing on nutrient composition and rheological Properties of papaya and development of value added products Jangid, Komal Joshi, Ila View Report
96 Design and implementation of an efficient ICT model for e government service delivery system Jawaria, K.L. Sharma, K.S.; Rathore, Vijay Singh View Report
97 Isolation of biosurfactant producing bacteria and media optimization for production of biosurfactants from agro industrial waste Jeph, Gayatri Mathur, Shruti View Report
98 Job stress and employee performance a comparative study of public private sector life insurance companies Joshi, Meenu Chaturvedi, Ankita View Report
99 Work engagement Kaul, Aditi Sen, Chandrani View Report
100 Vocational identity emotional intelligence and decision making self efficacy in relation to career maturity of adolescents Kaul, Nandini Sen, Chandrani View Report
101 Analysis of determinants of buying behavior in organised retail stores with special reference to Rajasthan Kaur, Arshdeep  Jain, Ruchi View Report
102 Assessment of lean manufacturing in apparel export industry of national capital region Kaur, Prabhjot  Marriya, Kavita View Report
103 Corporate Governance in Public and Private Sector Banks : A Comparative Study of SBI and ICICI Bank Kaur, Sarabjeet  Madan, Poonam View Report
104 Impact of job atisfaction on employee attrition a comparative analysis of public and private sector banks with special reference to Bank of Baroda and ICICI Bank Kaur, Surinder Jain, Ruchi View Report
105 Talent erosion in high engagement work environment an empirical study on millennial employees in the BPM industry Kaurani, Deepika Sharma, M.K View Report
106 A study on consumer preference and satisfaction towards selected handicraft items with special reference to Jaipur city Khurana, Chanchal Jain, Ankita View Report
107 Experimental and theoretical investigation of the reactions of some amines with and#945; and#946; unsaturated carbonyl compounds Kour, Manjinder Gupta, Raakhi; Bansal, R.K View Report
108 Abiotic stress tolerance in Eleusine coracana L Gaertin by manipulation of tissue culture media Krishania, Suman Agarwal, Kalpana View Report
109 Psycho social risk factors as related to perceived health status and depression in elderly population Kumari, Savina  Gaur, Jyoti View Report
110 Positive organizational correlates of employee work ethics and spirituality Lakhotia, Chetna  Mathur, Roopa View Report
111 Impact of working environment on job performance a study of female nursing staff Lal, Shivani Jain, Aditi View Report
112 Biodiversity indices and web architecture of spider fauna in eastern region of Rajasthan Lawania, Krishna Kant Mathur, Priyanka View Report
113 Study to assess the physical growth and nutritional status of school going children and to develop and test self instructional module on physical growth and nutrition of children in selected areas of Jabalpur MP Lodhi, Malti Patlia, Maya E View Report
114 Theoretical and experimental investigations of cycloaddition reactions of Imidazo1 2 a pyridines Maheshwari, Pooja Bansal, R.K; Gupta, Raakhi View Report
115 Strategic human resource practices source of sustainable competetive advantage in hospitality industry Mathur, Poornima Nair, Manju View Report
116 An evidence based approach for discovery and assessment of software testing strategies Mathur, Priyanka Chande, Swati V View Report
117 Industrial relations in tyre industry : Post liberalization in India Mathur, Viresh Prasad Nair, Manju View Report
118 Effect of processing on nutrient composition of selected green leafy vegetables and development of value added products Mehta, Deepika Vyas, Swati View Report
119 Consumer perception and satisfaction towards mobile number portability in rural Rajasthan Mehta, Divya  Sharma, Bharti View Report
120 Study on de centralised printing cluster of Bagru Jaipur and its impact on soil and aquatic environment Mehta, Rena  Bhatnagar, Pradeep View Report
121 Isolation and Characterization of Protease Producing Strains of Bacteria Mehtani, Payal Bhatnagar, Pradeep View Report
122 An evaluation of changes in land use land cover in Chaksu block of Jaipur using remote sensing and GIS techniques Middha, Ruchi  Juneja, Shelja K View Report
123 Effectiveness of training and development on employee performance a study of national thermal power corporation Mittal, Surbhi Sharma, Meenakshi; Jain, Ankita View Report
124 Performance enhancement techniques for query processing in cloud database Nanda, Ruchi Sharma, K.S; Chande, Swati V View Report
125 A study of the modern elements in the short stories of Mulk Raj Anand Padmakar,Shivangi  Rawal, Shruti View Report
126 Profitability analysis of urban cooperative banks in Rajasthan Pareek, Shachi  Gupta, Shweta View Report
127 Generation of efficient test data and test cases for software testing a genetic algorithm approach Parnami, Shveta Sharma, K.S; Chande, Swati V View Report
128 Effect of microwave exposed food on the reproductive pattern of male Swiss Albino Mice Priyanka  Mathur, Priyanka View Report
129 Marketing strategies of selected cement companies of Rajasthan a comparative analysis Purohit, Nidhi Saini, Kavya View Report
130 Use of social media and social activism a study of youth in Jaipur Qureshi, Tabeenah Anjum Prabhakar, Manohar View Report
131 Marketing strategy and consumer buying behaviour of organic food in Rajasthan Rathore, Anita Jain, Ruchi View Report
132 Pictorial value in the depiction of Abhisarika as one of the ashtanayikas in Indian painting Rathore, Kanu Priya  Goyal, Amita Raj View Report
133 Development journalism in Rajasthan a comparative study of development news content coverage in hindi and english newspaper Rathore, Meenakshi Agarwal, Ramesh View Report
134 An empirical evaluation of accredited social health activist ASHA sahyoginis in Rajasthan Rathore, Shivangani Rai, Mahima View Report
135 Psychosocial concomitants of coping behaviour a study of mothers of children with intellectual disability Rathore, Sudha Mathur, Roopa View Report
136 Characterization of arsenite detoxifying bacteria and study the detoxification mechanism Rawat, Neha Kaushik, Pallavi Krishna Mohan M View Report
137 Content strategy of regional news channels on prime time band a study in context of Rajasthan Sachdeva, Jyotika Kalia, Arvind View Report
138 Evaluative case study on TAM vis a vis a MAP in determining the viewership of TV channels Saxena, Aastha Kalia, Arvind View Report
139 Effect of Broccoli and Quinoa against escitalopram antidepressant drug induced toxicity in vital organs in swiss albino male mice Saxena, Sneha Shahani, Lata; Bhatnagar, Pradeep View Report
140 Efficacy of advertising on Facebook a study on youth Sharma, Abhishika Kalia, Arvind View Report
141 Employee job satisfaction a comparative study of public and private sector universities in Rajasthan Sharma, Arvind Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
142 Stress management among working women with specific reference to higher education sector in Rajasthan Sharma, Bhawana Nair, Manju View Report
143 Characterization of amylolytic and cellulolytic actinomycetes of salterns of Sambhar lake, Rajasthan Sharma, Charu Bhatnagar, Pradeep View Report
144 A comparative study of kinanthrometric and physiological variables of rural and urban football players in Rajasthan Sharma, Deepak Shungloo, Renu View Report
145 Dynamics of Co relationship between circulation and readership a study of selected national Hindi dailies Sharma, Deepti Kalia, Arvind View Report
146 Hope humour happiness and positive affectivity as correlates of emotional creativity Sharma, Dhruvata Mathur, Roopa View Report
147 Impact of financial literacy on investment products and decisions of retail investors Sharma, Geeti Dixit, Kavaldeep View Report
148 Impact of human resource policies in employee retention in organized retail Sector a comparative study of shoppers stop and life style Sharma, Isha Madan, Poonam View Report
149 A study to assess the physiological and psychological problems of aged and identify the support system available to them in selected urban community of Jaipur with a view to develop a guideline for the management of problem Sharma, Jogendra Kumar Sharma, S.C View Report
150 A Comparative study of college and university female players on motor fitness components and physiological variables Sharma, Neelam Shungloo, Renu View Report
151 Biodegradative potential of bacterial isolates from Common Effluent Treatment plant CETP of textile industries for azo dye degradation Sharma, Neha Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Chatterjee, Sreemoyee View Report
152 Patterns of remarriage of hindu women in Jaipur city a sociological analysis Sharma, Priya  Sharma, Arti View Report
153 Marketing of Consumer Durables in Rural India with Special Reference to Eastern Rajasthan Sharma, Priyanka Dixit, K.D View Report
154 A study on training effectiveness in hotel industry with special reference to luxury hotels in Rajasthan Sharma, Purnima  Madan, Poonam View Report
155 Development induced displacement a study of population affected by Jaipur metro project Sharma, Radhika Yadav, Nisha View Report
156 A Comparative Study of E Banking in Public and Private Sector Banks With Special Reference to SBI and HDFC Bank Sharma, Rashmi Madan, Poonam View Report
157 Black mother trauma and transformation with reference to the select works of Toni Morrison Sharma, Sucharita Sharma, J.N View Report
158 A study of customer satisfaction in public transportation system with special reference to RSRTC Jaipur Sharma, Swati Jain, Ankita View Report
159 Press public relations and public opinion an interplay: an exploratory study of Jaipur, Rajasthan Shekhawat, Aparna Prabhakar, Manohar View Report
160 Microbial detoxification of hexavalent chromium by bacterial strains isolated from tannery waste water Shekhawat, Kirti  Chatterjee, Sreemoyee View Report
161 Work life balance of female employees a comparative study of Genpact and Infosys Shekhawat, Neha Khandelwal, Aditi R View Report
162 Impact of performance appraisal on career advancement a comparative study of agricultural research institutes Shrimali, Ragini Anand, Meenakshi View Report
163 Community Radio as an Instrument of Development Communication Shrivastava, Garima Prabhakar, Manohar View Report
164 Synthesis and reactions of phenanthridine annelated heterocyclic compounds Singh, Deepika Bansal, R.K; Sinha, Pragya View Report
165 Work life balance and job satisfaction a comparative study of doctors in government and private hospitals Singh, Nivedita Singh, Monika View Report
166 Improvement in data security algorithm for cloud computing Singh, Shweta Sharma, Amita View Report
167 Converting Brassica juncea straw into value added compost and its proximate analysis Sobti, Nupur Juneja, Shelja K View Report
168 Quality of work life and employee performance in insurance sector Surolia, Yamini Rai, Mahima View Report
169 Spousal support and coping behaviour as moderators of relationship among stress conflict and well being Swami, Neha Mathur, Roopa View Report
170 Performance enhancement of VoIP for wireless environment Tiwari, Neha Rishi, O.P View Report
171 A hybrid of ant colony optimization for join queries in distributed databases Tiwari, Preeti Chande, Swati V View Report
172 Utilization and management of floral waste generated in popular temples of Jaipur city Tiwari, Priyanka Juneja, Shelja K. View Report
173 Analysis of marketing mix strategies of FMCG products in rural markets with special reference to Rajasthan Tyagi, Vani Anand, Meenakshi View Report
174 Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Water Resource with Reference to Rajasthan Upadhyaya, Harshita Mathur, Mini View Report
175 Design and implementation of a novel preprocessing algorithm to identify sessions for discovery of patterns Verma, Priyanka  Kesswani, Nishtha View Report
176 Investigation of the dielectric properties of some fruits and vegetables at microwave frequencies Vijay, Ravika Sharma, K S; Jain, Ritu View Report
177 Physico chemical characterization and toxicological evaluation of liquid effluents generated by health care establishments of Jaipur Vijay, Urvashi Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Mathur, Priyanka View Report
178 Design and implementation of prediction model to assess usability of software product line feature model using new set of structural metrics Vyas, Geetika Sharma, Amita View Report
179 Assessment of nutritional quality and evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Rasbhari Physalis peruviana and Jungle Jalebi Pithecellobium dulce Joshi, Kirti Joshi, Ila View Report
180 Evaluation of bandhani motifs and processes of Rajasthan from past to present Datt, Sunetra Marriya, Kavita; Kashyap, Radha View Report
181 Impact of marketing strategies on Firms performance a case study of select newspaper firms Khanduri, Shailja Sharma, Nidhi View Report
182 Impact of job stress on employee attrition a study of selected private sector bank Sharma, Jyoti Tailor, R.K View Report
183 Design of fast authentication method for wireless sensor network Sogani, Ayush  Jain, Aman View Report
184 Dielectric relaxation studies of some pharmaceutically important polar aromatic compounds at microwave frequencies Manro,Chitra Jain, Ritu View Report
185 Impact of talent management practices on employees productivity of selected luxury hotels in Rajasthan an empirical analysis Rathore, Priyanka Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
186 Keoladeo rashtriya udhyan me paristhitikiya mitravat vikas ki deerghakaleen awasthayen Bashistha, Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, Vinod K; Mathur Mini View Report
187 Organizational measures as correlates of performance a study on army jawans Sharma,Aditi Vandana; Arya, Bhavana View Report
188 Detoxification of arsenite AS iii using arsenite hyper tolerant bacteria Mathur, Megha  Kaushik, Pallavi; Mohan, M Krishna View Report
189 Hindustani sangeet mein khamaj ek adhyayan that raag va ang ke pariprekshya mein Jain, Neera Tak, Maya Rani View Report
190 Job stress and job satisfaction a comparative study of public and private sector healthcare employees in Rajasthan Choudhary, Shraddha Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
191 Effectiveness of Training Programmes in Aviation Industry of India Sharma, Konika Rathore, Seema Singh View Report
192 Positive psychology constructs and well being in older adults Ola, Manpreet Mathur, Roopa View Report
193 A comparative analysis of talent management strategies for employees sustainability in selected public and private Banks Akar, Apoorva Sharma, Gargi View Report
194 Export marketing strategies a study of Gems and jewellery industry Jain, Shruti Rai, Mahima View Report
195 Migrating legacy application to SaaS cloud analysis of application level adaptations Parnami, Pooja Jain, Aman; Sharma, Navneet View Report
196 Value addition in compost and vermicompost produced from kitchen waste Shukla, Nitika Juneja, Shelja K View Report
197 GRIT authenticity and sense of coherence as predictors of well being Sarah Lal, Divya Arya, Bhavana View Report
198 Quality of work life in dual career couples a case study in academics with special reference to Rajasthan Beniwal, Alita Bisawa, Tripti View Report
199 Impact of nutritional intervention on cognitive functioning in school children Sharma, Divolka Arya, Bhavana View Report
200 Impact of cartoon shows on kids and their influence on the buying behaviour of parents an empirical analysis Gupta, Shikha Khandelwal, Aditi R View Report
201 Study of the effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles used in cosmetics in mice and preventive action of Aloe vera gel Nager, Krishna Mathur, Priyanka; Shahani, Lata View Report
202 Perceived organizational correlates of work commitment an exploratory study across gender Rathore, Mandakini Sharma, Mridula View Report
203 An assessment of Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singhs contribution to cultural life of Jaipur Soyal, Monisha Raj Rathore, Sharad View Report
204 Comparative toxic effect of fluoride and aluminium in male swiss albino mice ameliorative role of Nigella sativa Rathore, Nisha Shahani, Lata View Report
205 Impact of various factors on saving and investment decisions of salaried individuals Gulati, Mehak Sharma, Meenakshi View Report
206 Interpersonal communication an exploratory study of preferred modes Vijay, Tanvi Prakash, Anand; Sen Chandrani View Report
207 Corporate social responsibility practices of private sector enterprises in Rajasthan Singhal, Mona Jain, Aditi View Report
208 Employee engagement practices in financial sector a comparative study Goyal, Shipra Singhal, Shuchi View Report
209 Job satisfaction among the employees of insurance sector a study of selected private insurance companies in Rajasthan Sharma, Shubha Shree Chouhan, Bhumija View Report
210 Non performing assets management in cooperative banking sector a study of all district central cooperative banks in Rajasthan Sangwan, Kanchan Chaturvedi, Ankita View Report
211 Impact of personality type on apparel buying behaviour of working women Choudhary, Priyanka Kashyap, Radha View Report
212 A comparative analysis of consumer buying behavior towards flagship and flanker brands with special reference to Hindustan Unilever Ltd Sharma, Ritu Jain, Ankita View Report
213 An empirical study of logistics performance management on selected export commodities of Rajasthan Chakravarty, Shilpi Jain, Chhavi View Report
214 Organizational culture and its effectiveness in banking sector Jain, Shravasti Jain, Ankita View Report
215 Impact of marketing strategies on youths buying behaviour in telecom sector Bansal, Yamini Khandelwal, Ashish View Report
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220 Measuring the effectiveness of in-service teacher training (a comparative study of government and private elementary school teachers) Bordia, Meenakshi Sharma, Bharti View Report
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222 Factors Affecting Stock Returns of IT Companies Agrawal, Vaishali Gupta, Shweta View Report
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224 Sustainable utilization of floral waste from some temples of Jaipur Rajasthan Yadav, Isha Juneja,shelja K; Chauhan, Sunita View Report
225 Creating awareness and development of eco friendly apparel for college girls Munjal, Kalpana Kashyap, Radha View Report
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227 Diasporic concerns in the selected novels of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Sunetra Gupta Jain, Neelu Rathore, Rani View Report
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245 Customer relationship management in retail banking a comparative study of public and private sector banks in Rajasthan Nafees, Fauzia Anand, Meenakshi View Report
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247 E corporate reporting disclosures in an Indian context Batra, Bhoomika Kanodia, Monty View Report
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250 Impact of urbanization on agricultural transformation a case study of Jaipur region Verma, Poonam Devi Upadhyaya, Harshita View Report
251 Impact of financial literacy on post retirement financial planning among salaried individuals Vyas, Deepshikha Sharma, Meenakshi View Report
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253 Psycho social concomitants of secondary traumatization a study on high risk groups Jain, Preeti Mathur, Roopa View Report
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