New Arrivals

  Title Author
1 Advanced Business Statistics and Mathematics Agarwal,N P
2 Cost Accounting (Hindi) Agarwal ; Jain
3 Accounting and Financial Management Singh,Y.P.
4 Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation( For old and new Syllabus) Vol 1-2 Ahuja,Girish ; Gupta,Ravi
5 Auditing and Management Accounting(Hindhi) Jain ; Khandelwal
6 Derivatives and Risk Management Srivastava,Rajiv
7 Wealth Management: Basic Level Shashikant,Uma
8 Business Communication Agarwal,N.P. ; Tailor,R.K.
9 Business Ethics: Text & Cases Murthy,C.S.V
10 Business Ethics Badi,R.V
11 Leadership Theory and Practice Northoushe
12 Innovation Black Book on Exponential Technologies-2019  
13 Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation paper 7(study material module 1-4 CA final course ) ( Module - 1 ) Group-II(2020)  
14 Indirect Tax Laws Part - 1-: Goods & Services Tax ( Ca Final Course Study Material Module  - 1-4  Paper - 8 ) ( Module - 1 ) (Notes)  
15 Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency ,Liquidation & Winding-up(Part-1) (Professional Programme) Module II Paper 5  
16 Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency ,Liquidation & Winding-up(Part-2) (Professional Programme) Module II Paper 5  
17 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation paper 5 ( Modules-1-3)(study material) CA final course(Modules-1)2020  
18 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation paper 5 ( Modules-1-3)(study material) CA final course(Modules-3)2020  
19 Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation paper 5 ( Modules-1-3)(study material) CA final course(Modules-2)2020  
20 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-1 Ethical and Professional Standards and Quantitive Methods  
21 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-2 Economics  
22 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-3 Finacial Reporting and Analysis  
23 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-4 Corporate Finance and Portfolio Management  
24 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-5 Equity and Fixed Income  
25 CFA Program Curriculum-2012 Lave I.Vol-6 Derivatives and Alternative Investments  
26 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-1 Ethical and Professional Standards Quanthods and Economics  
27 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-2 Financial Reporting and Analysis  
28 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-3 Corporate Finance  
29 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-4 Equity  
30 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-5 Alternative Investments and Fixed Income  
31 CFA Program Curriculum-2013 Lavel II.Vol-6 Derivatives and Portfolio Management  
32 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-1 Ethical and Professional Standards  
33 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-2 Behavioral Finace, Individual Investors and Institutional Investors  
34 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-3 Capital Market Expectations Market Valuation, and Asset Allocation  
35 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-4 Fixed Income and Equity Portfolio Managment  
36 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-5 Alternative Investments, Risk Management, and the Application of Derivatives  
37 CFA Program Curriculum-2014 Lavel III.Vol-6 Portfolio Execution Evaluation and Attribution and Global investment Performance Standards  
38 ACCA Management Accounting (MA/FMA)Exam Kit Valid From 1Sep-2019-31 Aug-2020  
39 ACCA Management Accounting (MA/FMA)Study Kit Valid From 1Sep-2019-31 Aug-2020  
40 ACCA Performance Management (PM) ( Exam KiteValid For Sept.-2019/June-2020 )  
41 ACCA Performance Management (PM) ( Study Text Valid For Sept.-2019/June-2020 )  
42 Social And Quantitative Aspects of Project Management Agarwal,N.P.
43 Economic Survey 2018-19-- Volume-I  
44 Economic Survey 2018-19-- Volume-II  
45 India Socal Development Report-2018  
46 Advance Economics of Devepment and Planning Shrivastava,O S
47 Of Counsel The Challenges of The Modi- Jaitley Economy Subramanian,Arvind
48 India Development Report 2017 Dev,M.s
49 Bhartiya Sanskriti ke Mool Adhar Gupt,Shiv Kumar
50 Life in the Courts of Rajasthan Kathuria,R P
51 Indian Inscribed European and British Writing on India 1600-1800 Teltscher ,Kate
52 Rajasthan ka Sanskratik Itihaas Sharma,Gopinathe
53 Geogrophy of India Swayam (MOOC) Notes 2019  
54 Manual of Geological Map Gokhale,N W
55 Geography Through Maps Siddhartha,K. ; Mukherjee,S
56 Fundmentals of Geographical Thought(Text book) Adhikari,Sudeepta
57 Geography Ahir,Rajiv
58 Tourism Geography Geetanjali
59 Economic Geography Siddhartha,K.
60 Geography of Population Chandna,R.C.
61 History of Geographical Thought Maurya,SD
62 International Relations  Perspectives for the Global South Chimni,S
63 Abnormal Psychology  
64  Introduction to Biostatistics Pinel,John P.J. ; Barnes
65 Theories of Counsling and Psychotherapy Systems, Strategies and Skills Seligman,L ; Reichebberg
66 Social Psychology Mathur,S.S.
67 Emotional Intelligence Training Muller
68 Sociology of Mental Disorder Cockerham,W.C
69 Research Methods For Social Psychology Dunn,Dana S
70 Cross- Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporart Applications Shiraev,E.B ; Levy,D.A
71 Tribal and Social Work Garg ; Kumar
72 ETHICS in Scienc Education Research and Governance Muralidhar,K ; Ghosh,Amit
73 Philosophy of Science Bird, Alexander
74 Bal Samraksham aur Panchayat chaturvedi, Ankita
75 The Other Side of Silence Voices From the Partition of India Butalia,Urvashi
76 Bashai Tudu Devi,Mahashweta
77 Mythos : The Greek Myths Retold A Cracking Good Story The Time Literary Supplement Fry,Stephen
78 The Greek Myths The Complete and Definitive Edition Graves,Robert
79 Indian Nationalism: The Essential Writings Habib,Irfan. S
80 The Library of Greek Mythology : A New Translation  Hard,Robin
81 Trauma and Memory : Brain And Body in A Search For The Living Past Levine,Peter A
82 Mahaweta Devi,s Literary Canvas : A Critical Reading Mishra,Pallavi
83 Nationalism Tagore,Ravindra Nath
84 Sarojini Naidu: Selected Poems Sharma,N.K.
85 Critical Perspectives Devi,Mahashweta
86 The Chibok Girls Habila,Helon
87 Trauma and Recovery (Thy Aftermath of Violence-From Domestic to Political Terror Herman,Judith
88 The Great Partition : The Making of Indian Pakistan Khan,Yasmin
89 A Philosphy of Struggle: The Leonard Harris Reader Mc Bride, Lee
90 The Naxalites and Their Ideology Ray,Rabindra
91 English Grammer & Composition Mukherjee,Gurdas
92 The Ovary Peters ; Natty
93 Nigam,s Zoology Question Bank Nigam,H.C
94 Cytology Genetics Evolution and Ecology Gupta, P.K.
95 Communtropical & Sub Tropical Sedges & Grasses Ravi,N ; Mohanan,N
96 Modern Botany Kaushik,M P
97 Textbook of Fungi and Their Allies Sethi ; Walia
98 Quicker Maths( Magical Book on) Tyra,M
99 Handbook of Mathematics Formulae  
100 Homological Algebra Cartan,Henri ; Eilenberg
101 An Introduction to the Business of Tourism Vasudevan
102 Mathematical Physics Saxena ; Rawat
103 Basic Radiiological Physics Thayalan,Kuppusamy ; Swaminathan
104 Principles and Applications of Photochemistry Wardle,Brian
105 Modern Oxidation Methods Backvall,Je
106 Dhulichitra Bhatagar,Rekha
107 Lalitkala ke Adharbhoot Siddhant Kashiwanl,Meenakshi
108 Portraits in Princely India:1700-1947 Jones,Rosie
109 IndiFolk(Folk and Tribal Designs of India) Lehri,M S
110 Early Bombay Photography Hapgood,Susan
111 Garment Manufacturing Processes,Practices and Technology Sarkar,Prasanta
112 Bittersweet steel,Danielle
113 Cactus & Roses An Autobiography Kirloskar,S.V
114 The Man Who Made Machines(Biography) Kirloskar,S.V
115 Bewajah se Khayalaat Hada,Anita
116 Illness- Causes & Cure  
117 Yoga  
118 Yoga ka Prarambh  
119 Yoga ka Adhar Chandeep
120 State of Indian's Environment 2019: A Down to Earth Annual  
121 Quanitititative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations Guha,Abhijit
122 Analytical Reasoning Pandey,M k
123 A Modern Approach to Non Verbal Reasoning Aggarwal,R.S.
124 Quantitativ Aptitude( Fully Solved) Aggarwal,R.S.
125 GMAT Gmat Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day  
126 GMAT Algebra  
127 GMATFractions Decimals & Percents  
128 Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude Thorpe,Edgar
129 UGC NET/SET Management PaperII-III Gupta,R.
130 GMAT Critical Reasoning  
131 GMAT Number Properties  
132 GMAT Official Guide 2018  
133 GMAT official Guide Quantitative Review 2018  
134 GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review2018  
135 GMAT Word Problems  
136 MBA PGDM Entrance Tests & Directory: Competition Success Review  
137 Computer Fundamentals and Intr. of IBM PC Nagar,Pankaj ; Soni,Manish
138 Institute of Management Science and Technology( Vol-6-9)(Vol-17-18-20)  
139 Foundations of Software Testing Black,Rex ; Veenedaal,EV
140 Writing TSRs Through C Kanetkar, Yashavant
141 Auto CAD 2000 on Experience Required Frey,David
142 Autocad  ; Vishal,S
143   Head First Android Development A Brain- Friendly Guide Griffiths,Dawn
144 3d Max 2019 Training Guide Gupta,Linkan ; Gupta,Nisha
145 Oracle Developer/2000 Forms 5.0 Bayross,Ivan
146 Microsoft Education and Certification: Implementing a Database on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0( Workbook)  
147 Microsoft Education and Certification: Implementing a Database on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0( Student Lab Manual)  
148 Microsoft Education and Certification: Mastering Enterprise Deveopment( Student Workbook)  
149 Microsoft Education and Certification: Mastering Enterprise Deveopment( Lab Manual)  
150 Microsoft Sql Serves 6.5 : Second Edition Soloman,David
151 Microbiology & Biochemistry Gupta,Sarika ; Dubey
152 AnimalTissue Culture Gangal,Sudha
153 Webster,s New World Dictionary Guralnik,David b
154 The Random House Dictionary of the English Language  
155 Concise Hindi English Dictionary(Rajpal) Bahri,Hardev
156 Hindi Shabdakosh(Rajpal Sankshipt) Bahri,Hardev
157 Indian Medicinal Plants: An Tllustrated Dictionary khare,C p
158 Yearbook (Mathrubhumi) 2019 Gadgil,Madhav
159  Figuring The Joy of Numbers Devi,Shakuntala
160 RabindernathTagore ki Suktiyan Singh,Rajveer
161 Marigold Time : An Anthology of Indian Writing in English Kurien,Elizabeth
162 Rise of the Digital Human : Perspectives on Digital Communication in India Today Bhattacharjee,Sunayan ; Mukherjee,Tanshri
163 Handbool of National Education Policy 2020 Vol.-1 Bhalla,Veena ; Agarwal
164 Handbool of National Education Policy 2020 Vol.-2 Bhalla,Veena ; Agarwal
165 Handbool of National Education Policy 2020 Vol.-3 Bhalla,Veena ; Agarwal
166 Handbool of National Education Policy 2020 Vol.-4 Bhalla,Veena ; Agarwal
167 Handbool of National Education Policy 2020 Vol.-5 Bhalla,Veena ; Agarwal
168 Jain Dharm Ke 24 Teerthankar Bhagwanto KJa Jeevan Parichay Samant Bhadra
169 Outcome Based Education : Higher Education Thete,Ajit Ramrao
170 Practical Applications of Hr Analytics : A Step By Step Guide Banerjee
171 Marketing Analtics Grigsby,Mike
172 Behavioural Finance Kapoor,Sujata ; Prosad,J M
173 Employee Relations Management : Text and Cases Sahoo,D.p
174 Organizational Behaviour Nahavandi ; Denhardt
175 International business ( Competing in the Global Marketplace) Hill, Charles W. L. ; Hult
176 International Trade and Finance Agrawal,M.D. ; Singh,Gopal ; Gupta,O.P.
177 Marketing Research: A Global Out Look Kumar,V.
178 Single By Choice: Happily Unmarried Women Sharma,Kalpana
179 Between Us 2019 In- House Journal Sogani
180 Jss Aher Annual Report2018  
181 Businees Managment(Hindi)-12  
182 Maths Class 9 (Hindi)  
183 Rajisthan Adhyan(Class-12)Hindi  
184 Arthik Evam Vithiya Adhyayam( Vyavasayik Saukhiyikes)( Busunies Stalitices) Jat
185 Science Class-10(hindi)Premier Sharma ; Bathla
186 Financial Literacy Among Working Women in Higher Education Sector of Rajasthan Roy,Blessy
187 Education Directory 2019  
188 Indian Higher Education Profile 2018-19  
189 En route to New Higher Education Policy Inputs on the Draft National Education Policy-2019  
190 Governance in Higher Education: Handbook for Vice- Chancellors  
191 Bhagavad - Gita as it is(Hindi) Swami
192 Coming Back Swami
193 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Eighth conto(Hindi) Swami
194 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Eleventhconto(Hindi) Vol-1-2 Swami
195 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Fifth conto(Hindi) Swami
196 Srimad Bhagavatam First conto(Hindi) Swami
197 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Fourth conto(Hindi) Vol-1-2 Swami
198 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Ninth conto(Hindi) Swami
199 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Second conto(Hindi) Swami
200 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Seventh conto(Hindi) Swami
201 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Sixth conto(Hindi) Swami
202 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Tenth conto(Hindi) Vol-1-4 Swami
203 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Third conto(Hindi) Vol-1-2 Swami
204 Srimad Bhagavatam ,Twelfth conto(Hindi)  Swami
205 Vaisnava Calendar  
206 A Beginner,s Guide to Krsna Consciousness Swami
207 The Bhaktivedanta book Trust Hare Krishna Land Swami
208 Easy Journey to Other Planets Swami
209 The Hare Krsna Challenge Swami
210 Krsna Consciousness : The Matchless Gift Swami
211 Light of Bhagavata Swami
212 Message of Godhead Swami
213 Mukunda Mala Stotra Swami
214 The Nectar of Devotion Swami
215 A Second Chance Swami
216 Sri Brahma Samhita Swami
217 Sword of Knowledge Swami
218 Teachings of Lord Caitanya Swami
219 Teachings of Queen Kunti Swami
220 Traditional Indian Handcrafted Textiles: History,Technoques , Designs  Vol-2 Karolia,Anjali
221 Traditional Indian Handcrafted Textiles: History,Technoques , Designs  Vol-1 Karolia,Anjali
222 The Great Masters of European Art Casu
223 Rajasthani Miniatures : The Magic of Strokes and Colours Daljeet
224 Rajasthan ki shaelashraya chitrakala(uthar-poorvi rajasthan ka sandarbh mein) Sharma
225 Basic Homological Algebra osborne,Scott
226 Financial Analytics With R Bennett,Jm ; Hugen
227 Strategic Decision Making Haslam,Simon
228 Understanding Employment Relations Rollinson,Derek ; Dundon, Tony
229 Kaplan & Sadock;s ComprehensiveTextbook of Psychiatry Vol 1 Sadock,James B ; Sadock,Alcott,V
230 Kaplan & Sadock;s ComprehensiveTextbook of Psychiatry Vol 2 Sadock,Benjamin ; Sadock,Alcott,V
231 Textbook of Postgraduate Psychiatry Volume1 Vyas,JN ; Ghimire,Shree Ram
232 Sims' Symptoms in the Mind: Textbook of Descriptive Psychology Oyebode,Femi
233 Theory and Treatment Planning in Counseling and Psychotherapy Gehart,Diane
234 Grandparenting Infiunces on the Dynamics of Family Relationships Haysilp,Bert ; Fruhauf,CA
235 Social Psychology Kassin,Saul ; Fein,Steven
236 Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology Mitchell,P ; Ziegler,Fenja
237 Introduction to Psychology Plotnik,Rod ; Kouyoumdjian,Haig
238 Theories of Personality Ryckman,R M
239 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry For the Specialty Board Review Shen,Hong ; Hendren
240 Textbook of Postgraduate Psychiatry Volume2 Vyas,JN ; Ghimire,Shree Ram
241 The Technique of Psychotherapy (Part one) Wolberg,Lewis r
242 Gender in Communication :A Critical Introduction Palczewski, C.H