World IP Day with Theme: IP and Youth- Innovating for a Better Future

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 26 April 2022
Start Time: 
09:30 am
AV Hall

Objective of the Workshop/Seminar/Activity: The objective of the session was to make the participants aware on Intellectual Property Right (IPR), to apprise the participants of the scope of IPR, and to give insights into the Journey of this subject so far.

Overall Report of the activity: The IPR Cell of the IIS (Deemed to be University), Jaipur, in association with the University NDLI-Club, organised an offline session on 26th April, 2022 celebrating world IP Day on the theme IP and Youth- Innovating for a Better Future. The speaker of the session was Innovation Ambassador and the IPR Facilitator Pankaj Kumar

The session started with an introduction to various Intellectual Property and the related laws in India and spanned across the different disciplines related to IPR. He pointed out that IPR is no longer confined to the legal fraternity but has spread across all disciplines because of its impact and significance on the arts, science, commerce, management, and business. Patents, copyright, and trademarks have great significance not only in the uplifting of the knowledge economy but also in fine-tuning it. He explained the rationale for protection and the nature of IPR. He emphasised that some IPR has to be renewed from time to time to keep them in force.
As per the theme “IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future”, there are 1.8 million young people (aged 24) in the world today and 90% of them are in developing countries. The population of people aged 35, which may be the new normal, is bound to increase in coming years. According to Population Projections for India and States 2011-2036, prepared by the Government of India, the youth population in the age group 15-24 years is expected to grow from 23.3 crore in 2011 to 25.1 crore in 2021 and then decrease to 23.9 crore in 2036. We are at the peak of young population pyramid. While the decline is there we must make best use of the energy, creativity, risk taking ability of the youth. Innovations by youth needs to be supported by IP rights to transform their ideas into reality, generate income, create jobs and make a positive impact on the society. Concerted efforts in creating awareness and educating youths about IPR. The global theme of this year’s world IP day is “IP and Youth innovating for a Better Future”, is very appropriate for India also

Outcome: The session was highly informative for the participants. As a result, the session provided useful awareness and insights into the various aspects of IPR.