Quiz "Go Fish"

IIS University NDLI CLUB

IIS University NDLI CLUB conducted a Quiz called “Go Fish” for the students of IIS (Deemed to be UNIVERSITY) on the Saturday morning of 29th February, 2020

The activity was organized with the aim of increasing the awareness amongst the students of the resources of National Digital Library of India and to make them conversant and friendly to the concept of digital learning.

The competition was held in the Computer Lab of the university on the Kahoot! app between 9.30 am to 10:00 am among 55 participants. The students played the Quiz on Kahoot with zeal and enthusiasm and accessed NDLI resources for the answers concurrently as their scores were displayed simultaneously on the screens. Manvee Goyal, Priya Jha and Harshita Sharma bagged first, second and third prize respectively.